While I miss quite a few things about New England, one of the things I love about the Midwest is that we are surrounded by water. There is literally a body of water every which direction you look which means you can kayak a different lake every weekend for a year and more. When we first moved to Wisconsin, we were closest to Lake Geneva, which boasts 5,262 acres and is 135 feet deep at its deepest spot. To sum it up, Lake Geneva is huge and a ton of fun if you have a large boat or know someone with a boat. However, it’ s not necessarily the best lake for a kayaker, or at least a country girl kayaker that is used to glass-like water and silence. So for the fiarst few years, I rarely took the Kayak out on the water in fear of being capsized and eaten alive by the giant walleye fish and apparently plate-size bluegills that the locals talk about.