What to get someone who loves tea:

Whether it's for a friend, your mom, your grandma or even a sister or niece, tea is the perfect gift. The gift of a hot beverage is a long-standing tradition and both young and old can enjoy tea.

Yes, coffee is a huge game-player when it comes to hot beverages, but don’t think that tea is going to slink off to the sidelines. While it seems everyone needs their ‘morning coffee’ and others need their hourly coffee; there are still people that drink and love their tea. I am one of these people. I grew up drinking tea, my parents drink tea, for Buddha sake I grew up in ‘New’ England people. Yea, you know that thing they call the Boston Tea Party? OK, they were fighting the taxes, but let’s face it, they were making a statement with tea! Yea, I hear ya, I’m moving on and writing ‘’will no longer babble” five times on the chalkboard.


Gift giving is so difficult because you want it to be personal and awesome, but not something that is just cool at the moment and later be clutter. Give a tea-lover the gift of tea; trust me, this is actually just my own wish list.

1.     When the holidays roll around, we always get a big beautiful wooden box of assorted teas in the office. I’m not sure whom it is from, and I NEVER know where it ends up because it’s never at my house, but it is filled with delicious tea. You will find herbal tea, black tea, breakfast teas, social teas and well, you get it. The box is great to use when you run out of tea because you can then continue to refill and keep it all organized.


2.     Let’s say this person that you are buying a gift for has an entire cupboard filled with different kinds of teas because I, they keep buying new and fun flavors. I may or may not be guilty of this; don’t judge. What if you gave them the gift of knowledge: a book teaching them how to make their own tea? Don’t forget to get them everything they will need so they can jump right in and get started! You can get them a empty tea bags to fill themselves, or I like to use a tea infuser.  Oh my gosh, they are coming up with the cutest tea infusers now! Have a squirrel make you your tea with his tail

3.     Now, the vessel in which a tea-lover warms the water for their tea is also very important. A teakettle is a very near and dear tool that can also make instant coffee and hot cocoa, but most importantly, tea! Is the person you are buying for more a modern person, or do they tend to lean towards an older vintage era? (How can anyone go wrong with the gorgeous vintage red kettle?) Do they like to use the stovetop, or do they prefer an electric teakettle. And if they like color, a teakettle is the place to add a splash of that! Check out this bright beautiful blue teakettle! On that note – could someone email the hubs this article? I want all of this stuff, especially that kettle! 


4.     And now we get to the cup, the teacup, and the platform in which we house our tea and silently sip as we daydream out the window. This is very close to a coffee-lovers territory because the vessel in which we house our hot beverage needs to be comfortable to hold, unique, sometimes funny and always true to our personality. Yea, that’s a lot of pressure on a teacup isn’t it? While I rely on being symmetrical with most of my life, I relish in the fact that I have NO matching teacups. None. I have my travel cup that needs to be huge and hold heat appropriately. My commute is 1-hour 1-way! My work mug needs to be unique to who I am and remind me that I am a New Englander, not a flatlander. Don’t take that personal people, any non-Vermonter is considered a flatlander. My extra large mug is from Salem, MA and it has a pirate flag on it with “Pick your poison” as the slogan. I’m sorry – I looked and it seems that you MUST visit Salem to get one of these mugs. Go do it – it’s a pretty amazing place! I have my nighttime teacup that is comfortable for sitting in the recliner, sipping carefully over a giant German Shepherd / Norwegian Elkhound lapdog. Yea, you read that right- a lapdog. I like something with a lid and preferably not breakable for nights filled with giant lapdogs.

5.     Finally, if you have a real tea-lover on your hands, they will want to flaunt their love all over their house; especially their kitchen and nook area. Funny wall art is always a win and anything with the classic blue and white china is great for sipping in the sunroom.  My personal favorite is anything with the Mad Hatter tea party in Alice and Wonderland. It’s a classic and since I grew up watching it and fell even more in love with the Tim Burton film, I think it’s only fitting that I own the artwork!

Alright, now go out and buy your tea-loving friend some awesome tea gifts! Remember, buying a gift that can be used up is buying a friend less clutter.

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