Tis the season and it’s time to give a gift again! Whatever the occasion or holiday may be, it is always important to give a gift that has meaning behind it. Giving Christmas gifts is always a bit more difficult because not only are people receiving gifts, but they are giving them as well. We all have one of those people in our family that spots something, says they like it and then they go and buy it for themselves! I have now decided that all of the gifts that I give people will be unique, meaningful and have a purpose.  Now, with that out of the way, I have to think of some unique and meaningful gifts for the herbalist, home remedy and old wise tale enthusiast.


What to get someone who loves tea:

Whether it's for a friend, your mom, your grandma or even a sister or niece, tea is the perfect gift. The gift of a hot beverage is a long-standing tradition and both young and old can enjoy tea.

Yes, coffee is a huge game-player when it comes to hot beverages, but don’t think that tea is going to slink off to the sidelines. While it seems everyone needs their ‘morning coffee’ and others need their hourly coffee; there are still people that drink and love their tea. I am one of these people. I grew up drinking tea, my parents drink tea, for Buddha sake I grew up in ‘New’ England people. Yea, you know that thing they call the Boston Tea Party? OK, they were fighting the taxes, but let’s face it, they were making a statement with tea! Yea, I hear ya, I’m moving on and writing ‘’will no longer babble” five times on the chalkboard.