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 When I was young, we lived in Revere, Massachusetts that is about 15 minutes outside of Boston. I have no idea how many miles that is because New Englanders measure driving distance in time and we use landmarks for directions. Seeing how people deal with travel out here in the Midwest; I now understand when giving tourists directions, why they had a very blank stare.

“Turn right at the tree at the end of the road and you’ll come to a stop sign that actually isn’t there anymore, but it used to be and then follow on until you see the inn with four chimneys. Once you pass the inn, you will drive for about 5-ish minutes until you see a billboard. Once you are at the billboard you have reached New York and your navigation should begin working again. Turn that back on.”

You are probably laughing; but I actually gave these directions to people that were visiting from Chicago. Living so close to Chicago now, I realize that they most likely got back in their car and picked out a few wards they would recommend I check into immediately. Since moving to the Midwest, I rely pretty heavily on my navigation that wouldn’t even pick up a satellite signal back home.  People give directions using miles, and crossways and letters and numbers as opposed to “the new highway” name every road, which is actually over 15 years old.