Natural Tea To Combat the FluFlu season is upon us, and I can confidently tell you I have never had a flu shot nor do I ever plan to get one. I will spare you all of the reasoning and just say; my grandparents didn’t get a flu shot and I don’t remember them getting the flu either. More importantly, I can report to you that I have never experienced the flu. You know those old ‘wise tales’ people tell you about things to help you get over a cold and so on? Well, they came from somewhere and obviously because they work!

Elderberry is known to knock out the flu after it has already entered your body. The great part about elderberry is that it is all-natural and it will not hurt you if you take it before you are ‘really’ sick like over the counter drugs. At the slightest bit of ache or sneeze, this tea is made every hour and I’m telling you first-hand that it works! The tea hating hubs will actually make it on his own when I’m not there, because he knows it works!