Widow’s Weekend: something that sounds so dismal and sad, but in reality a weekend that so many people look forward to in the fall. Those left behind celebrate with two-for-one margaritas, live bands and catching up with old friends. Plans are made for this weekend months in advance and the entire town celebrates with you.


Don’t stop reading! Let me explain this a little better for you. Widow’s weekend is what we call the first weekend of rifle season. The tradition of the hunter leaving for a weekend of camp, and the one’s left behind partying like it’s 1999. This is actually one thing that I have seen in the Midwest as well, and it’s even called the same name! So what does that mean for me? No slacking for me: it’s time to step it up and show the boys of the Midwest how New England lady sends her lovey to camp for the long weekend. Ready for a bit of information that has been giving generations and is the best kept secret? Send really good hearty homemade food.


The hubs went about five hours north of our homestead with a bunch of hunting buddies for the first week of rifle season. When he told me I heard: now is your chance to be the Weekend Widow Warrior of the Midwest or, at least East Troy.  First and foremost, beef stew components were packed up snugly in the Crock-Pot and ready to pack. I tend never to stray from beef stew as a staple dish to send. It’s a great hearty meal that is packed with veggies and broth that will keep them healthy and happy.

While I was thinking of other ideas, I quickly boiled some eggs and whipped up a batch (a big batch!) of egg salad. Now I may have mentioned this in other posts, but I’m pretty tight with the wallet. If I can save money doing it myself, I will. It’s not that I’m necessarily cheap; I believe in buying quality meat and veggies, but I don’t believe in paying someone else a fee to cut my carrots. See what I’m saying? So when you find out what I decided to whip up for breakfast, you will probably think, wow you could’ve totally just bought that. Yes, but then it would taste bought from a store, and that is just not an option. Not to mention the money you save making them yourself, the respect you gain for making them all yourself and the knowledge that it’s ‘real’ egg and frozen less than 48 hours. I also make small batches of 5 for the hubs for during the week now.


* Cheese not pictured.... silly me! Our pup Kaydo McKoy can hear the cheese drawer open, I swear, from miles away. We tend to open that with caution, which explains where my head was when I forgot to include it in the photo!

**I have made these quite a few times, and I have found that Thomas brand English muffins freeze much better than other brands. They all freeze of course, but it seems when they are heated up, this brand holds its form much better. I choose Jimmy Dean sausage rounds because they are a bit larger than other brands and fit the muffin better. If I think ahead, I use sausage from our local butcher, but if I'm in a jam, I will buy the store-bought sausage.


Sausage, Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin:

  • Ingredients:
  • (5) English Muffins
  • (5) eggs
  • (5) sausage patties (precooked)
  • (5) pieces of choice cheese
  • (5) T. Milk
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • (5) ziplock bags
  • (5) Paper Towels (cut into pieces large enough to wrap the sandwich)
  • Oil Spray


First thing is first: get a bowl or large mug that you can cook your egg in and it will be about the size of the English Muffin. Spray the mug/bowl with oil spray and crack and egg into the bottom.



Add (1) T milk to the egg, salt and pepper to taste and mix it up quickly until it has all mixed together.


Pop the bowl in the microwave for 45 seconds. In the meantime, split an English Muffin onto a flat piece of paper towel and smear a little butter on each side. Start your layer with the sausage on the bottom. Remove the bowl from the microwave and remove the egg with a fork. It will release very easily if it is cooked thoroughly. Place that on top of the sausage, and then complete it with a slice of cheese on top of the egg.


See what a difference a real egg can make in these sandwiches? It actually looks like egg! Next, top it off with the top of the English Muffin, and wrap the sandwich in the paper towel. Slip it into the Ziploc bag and seal.



When you are ready to eat them, remove from the Ziploc bag and leave the paper towel in place. Put it in the microwave for about a minute and enjoy! Careful, they come out very hot!

These were perfect for the hunters because they didn’t have enough time in the mornings to cook a decent breakfast, and none of them actually wanted oatmeal! It was super quick for them to pop them in the microwave and be on their way. Weekend Widow Warrior status: accomplished!

They also were treated to mini pumpkin pie bites that were perfect while they were hiking, sitting or just needed a little boost.





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