The first thing that the hubs moved to my little apartment when we were dating was his precious grill. There is sat on my tiny porch untouched and under a nice warm cover until he came over and fired it up. He had his stainless steal (perfectly polished) grilling tools meticulously placed in their appropriate spot and seasoning organized in the lower shelf. Seriously, it was like another truck to him. Everything about that grill screamed a big juicy steak because that is what he cooked on it; steak and chicken. Requesting that he throw some salmon on the grill with some veggies got me a glance that basically said… no, not a chance. I am happy to say; now he cooks several different things on the grill, including lots of vegetables!

Let me explain; it wasn’t because he couldn’t cook other things on the grill, it was because he didn’t think he liked to eat those things and he didn’t want the tastes ‘messing’ with the steak. If you have read my other posts, you already know I eat broccoli for breakfast and he is a meat and potatoes guy. When we were still living back home in Vermont, our power went out quite often with storms coming in from the New York direction. We had lost power for a particularly long period of time, which made us start doubting how long our fridge could hold power.  So we did what any same group of people would do: we started to cook it all on the grill. Most of the food was grill-worthy, but the one thing that we were so proud of was the frozen mozzarella sticks. We were able to create a ‘tented’ oven over the baking sheets in in the grill. They turned out delicious and had that nice smoky grill flavor!

Now, onto grilling vegetables using a grilling basket and wooden skewers.  If I have learned anything, I have learned that if I make something into a project, or say a competition, I have better luck at getting what I want. It all started with some brussel sprouts, an unused grilling basket and these little words: “I wonder if you are able to grill…” and viola. Grilled veggies. Oh, and he tried them and ate a few to boot! Win! We recently went on a trip up to Appleton, WI and realized we had a ton of random veggies left that were not going to last 3 days until we came back. So we decided to cook them all on the grill. We had asparagus, brussel sprouts and some random mini red, yellow and orange peppers.

Here is what you will need:



  1. Start by washing all of your veggies and then prepping them to grill.
  2. Remove the pepper seeds and slice in half lengthwise.
  3. Trim the asparagus leaving just the nice tender tops, and take the outer layer of the brussel sprouts off, cut off core and slice in half.
  4. Now, here comes the dangerous part: Putting those brussell sprout halves on the VERY SHARP wooden skewers. Leave about ½ inch of space in between each vegetable and leave about 2-3 inches on each end to be able to grab and flip.
  5. Next, spray your grilling basket with some non-stick spray or rub some olive oil in the grate with a paper towel. Line the asparagus up diagonally so they don’t fall out of the grates. It’s happened to us; we have had quite a few veggie grilling casualties! Spray olive oil on all of the vegetables and sprinkle a little salt and pepper on them.
  6. While on medium / high heat, put the brussel sprouts on first. Cook for about 2 minutes on each side and then add the peppers and asparagus that you put in the grilling basket. Flip all of the vegetables at about 3 minutes and then remove from heat after another 3 minutes of heat. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar over the veggies and enjoy!

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