The first thing that the hubs moved to my little apartment when we were dating was his precious grill. There is sat on my tiny porch untouched and under a nice warm cover until he came over and fired it up. He had his stainless steal (perfectly polished) grilling tools meticulously placed in their appropriate spot and seasoning organized in the lower shelf. Seriously, it was like another truck to him. Everything about that grill screamed a big juicy steak because that is what he cooked on it; steak and chicken. Requesting that he throw some salmon on the grill with some veggies got me a glance that basically said… no, not a chance. I am happy to say; now he cooks several different things on the grill, including lots of vegetables!

Garlic. So potent it's borderline amazing because not only can it spice up a boring soup, but it can also ward off vampires. Amazing. I have yet to find a garlic fest out here in the Midwest, but back home there is a garlic festival every year. Food with garlic, art made out of garlic and even garlic ice cream. The ice cream is something I still have yet to try and it’s not really on my top ten things to do just yet. I remember walking the festivals and craft fairs and always seeing the really pretty garlic wreaths and hanging braids. My favorites were always the braids and wreaths that had other pretty herbs woven into the garlic. We always had one hanging on the door in the kitchen for two reasons; a healthy welcome to visitors and easy access when cooking.

Roasting garlic gives the garlic such a nice, earthy taste and takes out that potent garlic taste that leaves it’s trace for hours. It turns a nice brown color and is soft enough to smash into butter for amazing garlic butter. Roasted garlic freezes really well – but be careful. Preserving in oil can lead to botulism and that is really dangerous. It is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3 and makes the house smell absolutely amazing while it is roasting.