How many times have you pinned a ton if things from Pinterest that you are totally planning do this weekend? I personally have enough recipes pinned that I could cook a different meal every day for the next 5 years. All of the Do-It-Yourself projects that I pin wouldn’t even fit in my house and this urge I seem to have to cut up all the t-shirts in the house and make a braided rug is really nagging me.

Something that has been pretty hot lately is re-purposed furniture and refinished furniture. Taking something that has been beaten down and making it new and beautiful again or taking something and making something completely different is something very ‘New England’.  So, I decided to try it out for myself and headed to Goodwill. I found this table for $6.99 and had a 10% off coupon to boot and scooped it right up. This is where you probably think you know what happened: I went right home, dug out the tools and viola, a refinished table. Nope. I went home, put it in the room where I wanted the ‘finished’ project to go, and there is sat.  I’m telling you this, because I want to be honest with you. I was completely inspired, then motivated and then… well I got lazy.