I was born and raised in New England; Vermont to be exact. We lived just outside of Boston, MA for a few years and then moved back to Southern Vermont when I was still young. I have traveled throughout New England and I can proudly tell you I could probably stay with family in every state while traveling down the East Coast. I say “wicked” every chance I get without blinking, I call my shoes sneakers and as much as I try to say my “r’s” and my “t’s”, I’m told they don’t really come out sounding the way they were meant to be said.  I measure distance in time, I LOVE Dunkin Donuts and the Jersey shore is not a trashy television show; it is the vacation spot that I grew up visiting every summer.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because I never realized that I ever had “an accent”, gave directions a little different or would ever miss Dunkin Donuts as much as I do until I moved to the Midwest. I constantly find myself saying, “oh is that another one of those words?” or “um, I mean, well how many miles can you go in an hour at about 65 MPH?” (giggle) and seriously what else do you call shoes you wear to go running? Sneakers! There is one small Italian bakery over an hour away from me that sells cannolis with jelly. Jelly!?

As you are probably beginning to notice, I am completely amused and borderline obsessed with the fact that I’m actually “different” out here. I’m the girl with an accent, weird (I like to use the word interesting) tendencies and come from a “mysterious” place called the East Coast. Of course I had my curiosity about the Midwest and who doesn’t have dreams of moving to California? I just thought everyone said it was wicked cool to do something that was… well- wicked cool.

Now, I’m sure you are sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the oh-so gripping reason why I would ever consider creating a website about being from New England, (sarcasm is pretty popular back home, too). Well, one day I was talking about fiddleheads and how yummy they are, but that you need to find them in the forest. Forest?! Forage?!  The horror! As I replied, “I didn’t always have to find them; there was always that nice man on the side of the road with the big white cooler that sold them $5/bag full.” The room was completely silent and faces were scared for me.

Let me back up a bit. In 30 minutes I can be in the heart of Milwaukee, and just over an hour the opposite direction I can be in Chicago. Now, give me a little credit; I know not to buy random things from a large white cooler on the side of the street in Chicago. But I’m pretty sure from the expressions I saw, that is exactly what they thought I was doing.

It wasn’t until I said “I made my own red sauce this weekend and canned it” and I received the reply “people still do that?” that I realized, I HAVE to start writing this stuff down! The amusing part about this is that back home I didn’t necessarily have a big garden, I didn’t can my own food or even freeze that much food. I grew up learning how and boy did I have to help with the garden, the canning and the chores, but I didn’t have to as I grew up and moved out of the house. Homemade canned goods from my parents, and locally grown vegetables were always available because my parents have always had a ¼ acre garden in the back yard, and my grandparents have double that size. But now that I have moved out to the Midwest we have the threat of GMO farms, mass production meat farms and the fact that a simple loaf of banana bread has 18 ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Everything is processed for quick grab, quick eat and to be frank, quick and thoughtless disposal.

It is a different world out here; and although it caters to my day job (IT and Internet Engineering) it does not supplement the 28 years of life in New England that I had no idea was any different elsewhere. 

Hopefully this site will make you laugh, give you some ideas on food, crafts and other “let’s just get this done ourselves” projects. If you are not from New England; I hope you will get a better understanding of why things are still done “the old way”. If you are from New England and you are reading this, I hope you find amusement in the things I have found amusing.

You will find that this site is not dedicated to any particular topic; it will range from home remedies to technology tips and tricks. If there is one thing that is well known in Vermont, it is “know a little about a lot, not a lot about a little.”



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